LETTERS: Ghost towns on a Sunday deter tourists

ON a recent visit to the area, we decided to take a tour of the towns near where we were staying in Kirkcudbright to find somewhere for lunch at around 1pm.

Unfortunately for our tummies, this was a Sunday and we were faced by door after door with closed signs. There was one cafe open in Kirkcudbright but we had been there the previous day so bypassed it to avoid monotony. We decided to carry on to Castle Douglas but the place was dead. Again, we found one open eatery but we had been there on a previous visit so chose to continue the search for something new.

Eventually, we ended up in Dumfries and, after a hunt, managed to find some well-priced food – in Morrisons.

I’m sure locals will be aware of where is open and will be dismissing this letter as nonsense. But for the unfamiliar tourist, with only one previous visit under their belt, it seemed that the area (especially the all-important main streets) closed down on a Sunday. We were told that Wigtownshire had more to offer on a Sunday so we will bear this in mind next time, if we return. While we understand religious beliefs on this front, we also believe that our tourism is vital to the local economy and that this scene of “ghost towns” was a big turn-off.

Mr and Mrs MacKinley,


Queen’s Park were playing Stranraer last Wednesday night and I,along with a couple of QP directors, were looking for a pre-match meal.We ended up in the Marina Bar, where the hospitality and friendly chat was exceptional.Although there was no food being served, we were offered freshly-made sandwiches, then told they were a gift. We were even offered a tour of Stranraer and the area on our next visit.

Such kindness deserves recognition – maybe not good for profit margins but certainly a warm welcome to Stranraer.

Andrew Lapping,

Motherwell Football Club.