LETTERS: Facts should determine future

ONE must admire Councillor Alec Oattes’s list of achievements by the SNP which we all enjoy in a socially just Scotland – and the assurance that they will continue (Letters, The Galloway Gazette, August 24).

But he mentions no figures of the cost after independence because the block grant is generous enough to equal taxes and oil revenues, which are both declining. No wonder Alex Salmond wants taxing and borrowing powers to put off the evil day of debt and depreciation of the Scottish pound, which was the reason why Scotland took the opportunity of Union in the first place.

He also has a list of evils resulting from the Union such as foreign wars and nuclear defence, which are sponsored by the UN. The SNP has no intention of wasting money on defence but the idea of stopping tax evasion disposing of 800 lords is attractive if it keeps us from “crippling debt”.

I have been getting figures from Edinburgh to satisfy my anxiety. I hope Councillor Oattes and the opposition will do the same so that we can make decisions based on facts – not wild assertions.

J W Finlay,

Rainton, Gatehouse of Fleet.

In denouncing other political parties, Councillor Alec Oates from Girvan and South Carrick describes the Lib Dems as “beneath contempt” for having sold their soul to the Tories.

Such comments say more about the SNP councillor than the Lib Dems, who agreed to form a coalition with the Conservative Party to provide stability for the country at a time of financial crisis.

There is much to criticise about the coalition which cost the Scottish Liberal Democrats at the last Holyrood elections, but they stand by their long-held policy of home rule within a federal United Kingdom – rather than partition as advocated by the SNP.

David Hannay,