Letters: Cricketing ladies need help

I am writing on behalf of the newly-formed Galloway ladies cricket team.

We, as cricketing mums, sisters and relatives, have been flying the flag for junior cricket in the area for some time and have put in a lot of time organising, travelling, fundraising and generally increasing awareness of cricket. Because of this dedication, we now have a very successful junior section in our tiny club and are constantly working to increase numbers and show everyone that cricket is alive and kicking: not everyone is a football or rugby superstar and there are alternative sports to play.

On the back of all this enthusiasm – and with a little “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” mentality – some of us mums decided we would give it a go too.

We have a group of about 15 women so far (and the numbers are growing) who are taking part in weekly indoor training sessions and we have entered a team in the 2012 season women’s Scottish cup and league.

We recently took part in our first indoor tournament, in Peebles, where there were five other teams. It was a very good experience for us all and we learned a lot, including the fact that we are not too shabby and won’t take long to catch up with the competition.

But we are in need of funds. Hall fees can be crippling to a fledgling team, not to mention training equipment, kit and so on.

Our winter training hall fees are at present £37 per hour and, although we really need two hours of training per week, we cannot fund it (we share our training hour with the juniors so they don’t miss out on winter training.)

We would love to be able to turn out at tournaments like the rest of the teams, in a club kit which, again, at the moment is beyond our reach as it costs at least £500 to equip the whole team.

We have so far paid for all our own travel, kit and equipment but, as readers may appreciate, we have children also requiring kit, travel, hall fees … the list goes on, so it is becoming very difficult.

We are looking for sponsorship/donations towards keeping our ladies cricket club moving in the right direction and raising awareness of the sport in general. We have been taking pictures of our progress and writing newspaper reports on a regular basis and this has begun to raise a bit of interest. With help, we will continue in our quest.

Mary Hughes,

Coach and captain,

Galloway Ladies Cricket Club.