LETTERS: Council’s budget is a shambles

The council’s budget setting last week was a shambles and just the latest example of how the Tory/Lib Dem administration, which supposedly runs our council, has run out of steam.

The budget it threw together at the last minute makes it clear that it is limping through the dying days of its administration.

Councillor Ivor Hyslop is a leader in name only and it’s clear he and his Tory colleagues have given up, even if they are happy to keep collecting their pay cheques.

The council is a ship without anyone at the helm and it is local people who are paying the price.

As a result of their plans, disgracefully backed by the SNP, yet more teachers and classroom assistants are being cut from our schools and their refusal to back the expansion of the community wardens scheme means communities across the region will continue to suffer the plight of antisocial behaviour.

If Tory and SNP councillors aren’t prepared to stand up for local people, then it’s time they got out of the way and made space for someone who will.

Donald Ferguson,

18 Arrol Drive, Dumfries.