LETTERS: Concerted action needed on wind farms

The Galloway region attracted me, a businessman, because it is spectacular, and full of promise and opportunity.

But beware: it will all change and without us even noticing that our prospects for the future are lost and gone for ever.

Last week I was one of the very few who attended a special meeting called by Wigtown Community Council for a presentation by a company inappropriately named Community Windpower Ltd. It is not interested in the community, only profit.

In its proposal there are no jobs for locals: no local benefit or income, no compensation for the Galloway community – only devastating disruption followed by a tiny revenue that Dumfries and Galloway Council will grab in exchange for planning approval, and the huge profits are all for Community Windpower Ltd, as well as, of course, the landowner.

We must get off our backsides to stop this exploitation so that the region can be saved for tourism, one of the few business opportunities that can enable, in the short term, a much needed sustainable economic environment with new jobs and incomes attractive to young families.

Shops, pubs and small businesses are closing all over Galloway as jobs disappear. We need to recognise that farming no longer sustains our community. Very few are employed in farming these days. If we fail to rescue a still beautiful Galloway from this exploitative attack there will be nothing for the next generation as our youth continue to ebb away in the face of adversity, and community schools become increasingly threatened with closure. Our community will then continue its spiralling collapse into a retirement retreat for the well off.

I propose we act as a united community led by those we elected to: stop farmers from exploiting their inheritance in this way regardless of their neighbours, and gather our politicians, requiring them to act with our united backing for growth and prosperity in our region.

Please post your views and ideas to a specially created email address formed to enlist and unite the Galloway community: sharedviews@hotmail.co.uk. Readers will see the response as local press are updated.

Name and address supplied.

I take exception to Andrew Shiells’s claim of being abused by SNP delegates while protesting peacefully at the party’s conference (Letters, The Galloway Gazette, October 26).

I was not at the conference myself, but I have seen the way the protesters conduct themselves at public meetings. They are arrogant, rude, aggressive and would intimidate all but the bravest, who dared to have a different opinion.

This reminded me of a similar group of people where we lived before, who appeared out of nowhere (by which I mean one had never seen them involved in their local community or shown any interest in anything that affected the area before).

They would barge in, take over meetings, start by attacking the people who had called the meeting, browbeat anyone who will not there and then agree with them and their single-issue obsession, then disappear off into the night.

They may be right in what they say about wind turbines, but they do themselves no favours by the way they conduct themselves.

In fact, I have seen drunks spilling on the street behave with more courtesy to their fellow human beings than this shower.

The SNP probably has put more faith in wind renewals than is prudent, but I would still rather see wind turbines than more nuclear power stations, even if that means they go up in my home area.

And the present SNP administration, led by Alex Salmond, is the best government Scotland has had in a long, long time.

Andrew C Wilson,

4 Bank Street, Wigtown.

I HAve been studying the rubbish issuing from EDF in its scoping report on the plan to stick an industrial turbine site at Airriequhillart.

Here’s an indication of their standard of communication. The firm relishes using this significant phrase: “Potential visual receptors.”

Does it mean some sort of space-age satellite dish system, then? An eye bath?

No, EDF simply means people who might see the turbines!

And this is the lot that claims to “care” about the local population. To EDF, you’re just another “receptor”. You couldn’t make it up.

Andrew Shiells,

Barrachan Home Farm, Newton Stewart.