LETTERS: Budget responses

AS one who has spent a lifetime representing the wider community on a voluntary basis, how appalled I was to read there is to be no increase in community wardens.

I have lived and worked in London as well as Edinburgh before retiring to Stranraer, so I have experienced both urban and rural life. I like to think I know what it is like to live in built-up conurbations, and all that that brings with it, as well as living in a small town. What is common to both are the communities in which we all live. I have been active in all the years since I came to Stranraer in being involved with the Dick’s Hill Resource Centre, the creation of welfare rights which is now D&G Citizens Advice Sservice, forming the tenants association now known as the Dick’s Hill Reference Group, on which I still serve, the Furniture Project, WCVS, to mention but a few.

The common bond to these groups is the community wardens and all the support and assistance they provide to these and many more voluntary organisations, and our wider community, as well as back-up to the police.

I cannot understand why the Tories and SNP got together to spike the Labour proposal to put more money into the community wardens so the services could be rolled out across our region to cover , for instance, Newton Stewart, Whithorn and Kirkconnel, Lockerbie. Antisocial behaviour is on the increase and a plague on our communities.

John Tarry,

43 Nursery Avenue, Stranraer.

Tory and SNP councillors should be ashamed of the outcome of their deal on the council budget. They united together shamefully to push teaching staff in Dumfries and Galloway aside.

Some 39 full-time equivalent teaching and support staff will be slashed to save money – but there is enough cash for a ‘’policy officer’’ role to be created. Talk about priorities! Last year the Tory administration found money for flowerbeds but cut teachers from every secondary school in the region. They are desperately out of touch with the issues that matter to local people.

This year’s council budget proved once and for all that in Dumfries and Galloway there really is no difference between a Tory and the SNP.

Helen Auld,

Parkhead Court, Dumfries.