LETTER: Wind farm protest meeting

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A year ago, almost to the hour, retiring SNP Minister for Energy Jim Mather granted permission to S&SE to erect 23 wind turbines 365ft high along the ridge known as Blackcraig in the heart of the Glenkens, despite a seven-year local battle against it in line with government-approved local policy of avoiding development on prominent ridgelines (GP7.1).

This week the SNP government in Edinburgh has again ridden roughshod over the wishes of local people and the decisions of their elected councillors and imposed 18 turbines at Carscreugh.

And yet the government talks glibly about setting up a “rural parliament” so that local people can get “closer to the decision-making process” and they expect us meekly to vote in our councillors in May as though it would make any difference, no matter what they might say or cast their votes for with regard to the explosion of wind turbines in our beautiful Dumfries and Galloway region.

In the meantime, the prospect of an income from such industrial wind power generation, paid for out of everyone’s electricity bills, is touted around our communities as nothing short of a bribe.

Supporters of Galloway Landscape And Renewable Energy (GLARE) believe in accountable local democracy. That’s why we are calling on everyone who cares about our wildlife, countryside, tourism industry and the price hikes in our electricity bills to join us as we combine our efforts with groups all over Scotland under the banner of Communities Against Turbines Scotland (CATS).

On Saturday, March 31, together with TW321 and others, we will be listening to the concerns of the residents sround the proposed 50-turbine site at Loch Urr.

Local resident and professional conservationist Caroline Pridham has convened the meeting, from 3-5pm at Corsock Village Hall, because she is concerned that not every household has been made aware of the plans and that the scale and impact of the proposal on local lives has yet to be understood.

Caroline commented: “Anyone who has concerns about the whole issue of the ‘dash for wind’ is welcome to come along and have their say. We need to save Loch Urr , Dumfries and Galloway and, hopefully, save the whole of bonnie Scotland too.”

Alison Chapman,