LETTER: Tribute to a fine man

I was greatly saddened to hear of David Thompson’s death recently. He was the current chairman of Wigtownshire U3A but it is not widely understood that it was David and his partner, Jean Reynolds, who actually brought the U3A to this area.

When they arrived in Kirkcowan they brought with them very fond memories of their time in their former U3A – a very friendly and egalitarian place, values dear to David’s heart. So they set about contacting the U3A headquarters and approached new people they had met here to start a local group. The rest is history, of course, but we seem to have forgotten along the way that we all owe a great debt to David and Jean.

David was a lovely man, modest and self-effacing, with a great sense of fun. He was not pushy at all and his contributions could easily be overlooked, but when David said, “Well, the thing is …” it was worth listening to him.

As a U3A member and as a friend, I shall mourn David, and our society will be the poorer for the loss of his friendliness, gentleness and integrity. I hope we can all sup­port Jean at this dreadful time.

Elizabeth Duncann.