LETTER: Thanks for making Christmas special

THROUGH the columns of your newspaper I would like to thank everyone who helped with the Christmas lights in Newton Stewart but especially the following:

Craig McClymont and his staff of McClymont Construction; Robert McCutcheon and his staff of Phoenix Electrical; Cliffords Casualty Service for supplying the Christmas tree; William Cannon Transport for their assistance with lifting the Christmas tree into position; the Galloway Pageant Committee – Neil Dalrymple, Sheila Bowie and Paul Gorman; Robert Houston Haulage from Garlieston for the supply of a lorry used as a stage at the switch-on of the lights; members of Cree Valley Community Council for their help putting up Christmas lights and setting up the street prior to the Christmas fair.

I would also like to thank 
the owners of the buildings for the supply of the electricity for the lights.

If I have omitted anyone please accept my apologies. All the help was greatly appreciated and I could not have managed the lights without all your help.

All the above people of the town have given their time for free and hope that in the coming year we can have a meeting with the businesses and people of Newton Stewart to make Christmas 2013 even more colourful and inviting.

Thank you all.

Bob Boan,

Vice-chairman, Cree Valley Community Council.

CAN I thank Kirkmabreck Community Council on behalf of more than 80 senior citizens of Creetown and area who were treated to a four-course meal in the Ellangowan Hotel?

The event for the senior citizens was organised by Mrs Isabel McGaw on behalf of the council, entertainment was provided by David Kerr, the management of the Ellangowan surpassed themselves with the service and food from chefs Allan and Marie. It was a warm venue and we were treated with a warm heart.

Robert Ross,

On behalf of Creetown 
senior citizens.