LETTER: Rubbish treatment

ON September 5, I stopped in the main Riverside car park in Newton Stewart to place a bag of rubbish in a bin.

I was not aware that I was being watched by a council jobsworth, who then followed me out of the car park and across into the cafe (next to Sainsbury’s), where I go for breakfast each day while I am on holiday in the town. Then, while I was eating, this person approached saying he wished to talk to me outside, after showing me his ID.

It transpired that I, and presumably other residents of the town, are guilty of “fly tipping” if they put rubbish in the litter bins.

Yes, that is correct – the message appeared to be: “Don’t put litter in the bins if you live in Newton Stewart.”

It is this kind of behaviour that may put me off coming back to Newton Stewart. Perhaps it would be best to stay on the A75 and keep going to avoid the town.