LETTER: Rescued from snow by helicopter

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In response to your request for any memories or photographs of the big snow of 1963 (The Galloway Gazette, February 15), this picture was taken in Agnew Park, Stranraer, after that big snowfall.

I had been sent home from the high school in Stranraer at about lunchtime after the snow started and was heading home to Portpatrick on the school bus, driven by Bob McColm.

We got to within about a mile of the Meoul school but the bus couldn’t get any further and we had to walk the rest of the way. The snow was really deep at this point and you just kept sinking into it.

We made it to Meoul school, where we stayed in the schoolhouse from Tuesday when the snow started until we were rescued by helicopter on the Saturday. I was stranded with two of my brothers and my sister. We were flown back to Agnew Park on the Saturday, where the police collected us and took us to get something to eat. We were then taken as far as we could go by car which, if I remember, was near the Colfin creamery. We were then taken by tractor part of the way by the McNeill of Cairn Pat and then the Maxwells. We then had about a mile to walk back to the Inoch where we stayed.

In this photograph, from left to right, are Bob McColm, John Graham, Alec Graham, Willie Graham, Annette Adair, Sandra Adair, Willie Adair, George Porter, David Adair, Tommy Graham and Shirley Graham.

Sandra McLelland,