LETTER: Red kites at risk

ONCE more we see the RSPB promoting the wellbeing of red kites and other birds down at Baldoon. I’m at a loss to know how this is happening.

First, we have had the wholesale cutting of timber from Barnbarroch Wood, near Whauphill. This felling operation has had a detrimental effect on the habitat of red kites and other species.

Andrew Shiells (from Barrachan) is quite right regarding wind turbines, as more wildlife will be annihilated at Baldoon as the RSPB has allowed three wind turbines to be erected, all of which are in the direct flight-path of the wild geese.

I can verify this fact, because I have to clean my windows so often!

On top of this, I have been told that bird watchers visit Newton Stewart regularly and spend little or no money, so this will make no difference to the local economy.

John L Webster,

Tahall, Kirkinner.