LETTER: Praise for saving farmhouse

WITH reference to Janet Hannay’s letter of February 1, Gazette readers and Glentrool villagers should be well aware of our personal campaign over several years to save Glenhead farmhouse, above Loch Trool, from demolition by the Forestry Commission.

We applaud Mrs Hannay and the Galloway Preservation Society’s help in saving this historic Galloway farmhouse, with its Robert the Bruce and S R Crockett connections, when it seemed elected representatives were unable to help.

It may be that the Forestry Commission has had, in the words of one local councillor, a “conversion on the road to Damascus” and we would sincerely hope that he is right.

However, Glenhead is not alone in being neglected (and worse) by the Forestry Commission. Examples of this are the two old stone Galloway farmhouses at Corrafecklock and Tarfessock, empty for years and deteriorating quickly, as well as the old lodge at Loch Grannoch, a building of no great quality, but whose spectacular setting and lochside sandy beach must have great development potential.

We again congratulate the Galloway Preservation Society on helping save Glenhead, and also the Forestry Commission for its eventual return to sanity, but we remain to be convinced that its long-standing neglect of viable old houses is a thing of the past.

Over to you, Mr Estates Manager: prove us wrong please, and give the people of Galloway a real plan for such properties.

Glenhead could be the start of something good!

Jim and Francie Bainbridge,

Glentrool Village and 
County Leitrim.