LETTER: Plagued by drunks

I often travel through Newton Stewart past the Central Bar around 1.30-2am on Fridays and Saturdays, and I cannot believe such a situation is allowed to occur.

Crowds of drunks of all ages are hanging around creating noise, mayhem and danger without a care for residents or drivers. I always pass this area with great care and at low speed but twice I have had to take swift evasive action to avoid colliding with drunks who ran in front of my car. One of them was almost hit by a police van going the other way.

If I behaved like this while sober in Victoria Street at noon on a Saturday I would expect to be arrested as my behaviour would not be accepted. Is there one relaxed law for the drunk and a stricter one for a sober citizen? The drunks’ behaviour continues with no effective solution applied.

In motoring, drunkenness is now as aggravating an offence and is no longer an “excuse” as it once was. It is time to apply the same logic to these clowns and get our licensing and policing authorities to clamp down on this sort of behaviour.

Stop protecting the undeserving and indefensible. Clear the streets and give the silent majority a safe and peaceful environment.

P Bannister,