LETTER: No wonder military morale is low

ON their return from active service in Afghanistan, parades are held for our soldiers and a British medal is presented and authorised to be worn.

What is not generally known is that they are also given the Nato Meritorious Service Medal, which is not allowed to be worn. If the troops were Canadian or Australian, with the Queen as the head of their services, they would be allowed to wear it.

I have taken this up with the Honours and Awards Committee and have been told two medals for the same campaign are not allowed to be worn, yet as a result of the Korean campaign both the British Korean Medal and United Nations Medal are authorised to be worn.

Should a soldier be medically discharged as a result of losing a leg or arm and requires a disabled parking badge, he has to pay for it, the cost varying in different parts of the country.

Is it surprising that the morale of our armed forces is so low?

Graham Allt,

Maresfield, East Sussex.