LETTER: Misinformation mars debate

I agree wholeheartedly with J W Finlay’s comment (The Galloway Gazette, August 31) that Scotland’s future must be decided on facts.

However, the level of misinformation being put out by those in support of the Union is simply astounding and the true facts are never properly reflected by the London-centric media whose bias against those who assert that Scotland would be better off as an independent country is plain for all who wish to acknowledge it.

As an Englishman, I wince when pro-Union campaigners say things like: “Scottish nationalism is about being anti-English.”

Not true. Independence is about a better future 
for Scotland.

England’s, or rather London’s, priorities are so different to those of most Scots. London politicians see as a priority being “big on the world stage” by fighting unwinnable and hugely expensive wars we cannot afford – whereas most Scots see the ability to invest our own GDP (revenues) in Scotland and the provision of well-run services as the priority. Fact: Scotland would be economically wealthier than the UK – and not just from oil.

For years, Unionists have been saying Scotland is a subsidy junkie and could not survive without England. In a speech in Edinburgh last 
year, David Cameron said that 
“Scotland could survive and go 
it alone” – an acknowledge­ment that Unionists had effectively lied about Scot­land’s true position for decades. Strange, therefore, that not one single journalist chose to pick up on this U-turn in the Unionist position.

Never in history has there been an example of a country putting the interests of another country ahead of its own and that is also true of England. Unionists see Scotland as nothing more than a glorified county of England – and in reality it is very remote from the everyday focus of the Westminster village.

There are so many facts out there showing Scotland would be better off – too many to list here. They can, however, be viewed at www.newsnetscotland.com (the A-Z of Unionist scare stories).

So, please, let’s stop the nonsense about border controls at Gretna and other such misinformation and focus on the facts which the national media and the “Better Together” campaign are so keen to stifle.

There are already examples of parts of Britain that consider themselves British and are independent, but which are not part of the UK or even the EU. They are the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey.

Peter Jeal,

Newton Stewart.