LETTER: Memories of German prisoners

I read with interest the memories of a PoW held at Cairnryan (The Galloway Gazette, June 29).

While I did not know Werner Noack, I have memories of the camp, as I was brought up at Beoch, Cairnryan, and went to school at the end of the war. The school was not far from the entrance to the camp.

I had wooden toys beautifully made from by some of the prisoners and I think some of the Nissen huts ended up at Beoch for storage sheds.

Last year I visited the camp site, which is now a nicely landscaped caravan park.

I wish Werner well. I cannot remember snow earlier but we certainly were snowed in badly in 1947.

Sheena Mcnair,

Stroneskar Farm,

Ford, Lochgilphead, Argyll.