LETTER: Market is vital to Newton Stewart

IN reply to comments by “Station Road resident” (Letters, The Galloway Gazette, October 26) about traffic at Newton Stewart market, I would like to point out that those involved are aware of the volume of traffic and size of vehicles and take steps – along with local police – to keep disruption to a minimum over the two days.

Maybe, as Mr Williamson pointed out some time ago, closing the top end of Station Road was not the best idea our planners have come up with as this increased the volume of traffic up Station Road going to the many businesses in the industrial estate.

However, getting back to the point in question, does this resident have any idea how many people are employed on these days and how much business is brought to the town? Why not ask the hotel owners and the proprietor of Wigtown Road filling station if they would like the market moved? I don’t think they would.

I am aware of the problems big days can cause – and inconsiderate motorists don’t help – but remember the market would have been there before you took up residence and you should have been aware of any problems.

It may be of little consolation but if some of the farmers who bypass their local market to go elsewhere brought their stock, it would be even busier. It is worth remembering that for some this is their harvest, their year’s work and main income. I sincerely hope Newton Stewart market continues to flourish for years to come.

Name and address supplied.