LETTER: Losing out in the name game

SOME 25 years ago Princess Margaret opened the visitor centre at Clatteringshaws, and there is a metal plaque commemorating this, referring the road name as “The Queen’s Way’ – ie, dedicated to one monarch, Queen Elizabeth.

The Forestry Commission has this wrong on almost every sign it has placed along the road either calling it “Queens’ Way” (referring to all queens) or a cop-out whereby it misses out the apostrophe altogether.

Now, in its latest “Galloway Ranger”, it simply refers to the road as “Queensway”. One day it may get it right.

Many folk call the whole length of the route “New Galloway Road”, but technically this refers only to the road from Creebridge to the junction with The Queen’s Way the part running parallel to the A75. Importantly, to someone who lives on this road, Dumfries and Galloway Council has never recognised any of the versions of this name (did the Forestry Commission just go ahead and name it itself without official permission?), and it remains unnamed on the official maps. This is more than a nuisance when a courier is trying to deliver a parcel and his satnav doesn’t recognise the road name.

So, Forestry Commission, get it right. D&G Council should add the name to its register, from where it will be picked up by the Royal Mail and other databases and given full recognition. And it will be a nice, virtually cost-free, way of celebrating the Queen’s diamond jubilee.

On the subject of the Forestry Commission, when we moved here 10 years ago, an annual car pass for the car parks and forest drives was £5, intended mainly for locals.

It then jumped to £12, and this year, at a time when everyone is feeling the financial pinch, it has been increased to £36 for car parks only, and a fee has to be paid for each use of the forest drives. It seems the Forestry Commission can get away with anything, without public scrutiny.

Robin Bellerby

Glenamour, The Queen’s Way.