LETTER: In favour of mixed ward types

Graeme A Warren refers to what he calls my “reported protest against all-single-room wards in the new Dumfries hospital” (Letters, The Galloway Gazette, September 21).

I have no intention of protesting against single rooms, but I am increasingly concerned over the lack of patient input into the process that led to the decision for a single-room-only hospital.

I am not at all opposed to single rooms, but I am attracted to a mix (50:50?) of single rooms and four-bedded wards – an option which appears to have received no consideration at all.

Mr Warren also expresses surprise that I did not mention the extra expense that a single-roomed hospital will incur. When it comes to the health and wellbeing of patients, I believe we have to put cost to one side. We will certainly have to do so in this case, as the cost will be enormous.

Alex Fergusson MSP,

Galloway & West Dumfries,

The Scottish Parliament.