LETTER: Flood-risk homeowners need insurance

It is imperative that the government and Association of British Insurers find a way of providing affordable insurance for homes that are at risk of flooding.

The deadlock over subsidising insurance for households in flood-prone areas will not just affect people when they experience flood damage. It will influence the ability to secure a mortgage, re-selling and ultimately the value of the property.

Equally, without a clear and agreed path forward, the Law Society remains unlikely to produce a Practice Note for flood risk.

We strongly believe flood risk reports should be part of due diligence for all property lawyers but until a replacement for the Statement of Principles is agreed, the Law Society simply does not have enough information to create a Practice Note.

This leaves home-owners in an extremely precarious situation as lawyers currently have no professional obligations with regard to obtaining flood risk screen reports for property transactions. We can only 
hope that property owners take heed of the recent flooding across the UK and, 
if they are considering 
buying a property, insist on a flood risk screening report before committing to a purchase.

Simon Boyle,

Legal director,

Argyll Environmental.