LETTER: Fighting to ban snares

The League Against Cruel Sports was disappointed to read the recent story on a Wigtownshire farmer who was convicted of setting an illegal snare (“Farmer is fined for snaring”, The Galloway Gazette, November 23).

Galloway is a very beautiful and charming part of Scotland and many visitors come to the area precisely because of the variety of animal and bird life.

The League believes any snare is cruel and unnecessary and supports a full ban on the use of snares.

However, I would also like to point out that recent Scottish government legislation has introduced strict rules on snaring, which makes it essential that anyone who uses a snare must undergo training and properly number their traps.

We remain cautious about the difference these new provisions will make and it is our opinion that only a total ban on the sale, manufacture and use of snares will bring about an end to the suffering caused to animals caught by them.

We would like to ask your readers to be vigilant against the use of illegal snares, and report anyone employing them to the local police, or in confidence to the League’s wildlife crimewatch line on 01483 361 108, or via our website, http://www.league.org.uk. Together we can make sure Galloway’s wild animals are treated as humanely as the current laws allow.

Jennifer Dunn,

Public affairs manager for Scotland,

League Against Cruel Sports.