LETTER: Explaining council cuts

I refer to the letter from Councillor Jeff Leaver (The Galloway Gazette, March 9) on the subject of the local authority budget.

Mr Leaver was either at a different meeting or did not understand the explanation given by the director of education, who addressed the council at my request. His advice was clear: the reduction in secondary teaching provision was as a result of falling school rolls of approximately 400 and the £250,000 savings came from primary support staff who wished to go through voluntary redundancy and early retirement.

The SNP group, along with all councillors, continued to reject compulsory redundancies and the proposal to reduce classroom assistant numbers to the formula.

If the suggestion is that we maintain secondary teaching provision levels in the face of falling numbers of children at the taxpayers’ expense, then it becomes quite clear why the Labour Party councillors are not fit to run Dumfries and Galloway Council.

Councillor Iain Dick,

Stranraer and North Rhins Ward,

29 Station Road, Newton Stewart.