LETTER: Ethel is an international star

I write to you from Australia – actually from Dandenong in the state of Victoria – in order to add my comments and appreciation for the excellent work that is being done by Ethel Brolls on behalf of Romanian orphans and for other charities.

I first became aware of Ethel some eight or nine years ago through the pages of one my English knitting magazines. And as a knitter of some 60 years and donator to several charities ranging from the Japanese Children’s Tsunami Fund to rescued greyhounds and to some charities in my original home county of Shropshire, I was so impressed by the scope of her achievements that I immediately gathered together a parcel of knitted garments and sent them to her, enclosing a letter explaining who I was.

I am very happy to say that this has started a most lovely postal friendship. Over the years I have garnered some support for the charities I subscribe to, from a number of people out here such as Freda, the most generous owner of Knit’n’Purl, my local wool shop, who not only supplies me with all the wonderful Australian wool but has also donated garments for the various causes, as well as another lady who runs a craft stall at venues around Victoria.

It may also interest you 
to know that the Teddy Bear that was pictured in the window display by the Whithorn Business Association and represents an Aussie swagman or tramp was knitted by a talented Scots lass who also lives out here. Our admiration for Ethel and the organisation behind her knows no bounds and long may she continue with her good work.

Jenifer Rogers,

Victoria, Australia.