LETTER: Dual-purpose bins are the answer

Our local council is being forced to introduce separation of waste in the interests of improving returns from recycling.

The simple answer for other councils that have already adopted this enforced separation of waste has been to clutter the countryside with more and more wheelie bins, one for each type of waste.

Since, at a very rough guess, more than 50 per cent of bins in current use will be less than 50 per cent full with a whole week’s rubbish on bin day, would it not be sensible for some company to design a simple partition, which would fit down the middle of existing bins? The partition, fitted with a “fold either way” lid, which would be locked in position over the half not being uplifted on collection day, would enable one wheelie bin do the work of two.

These partitions, fitted with lugs, could be pop-riveted in place in minutes in existing bins, would save taxpayers hundreds of pounds and, at the same time, greatly reduce the inevitable clutter in our streets and back yards of four or five new wheelie bins.

Identification of different sides for different waste could be achieved quite simply by using self-adhesive colour-coded discs, allowing the householder to decide what type of waste their household mainly generates, and on which day their bin should be put out for collection.

Again, the benefits, include such as greatly reduced clutter on our streets, and permanently in our back yards, with only half the bins then required, and hopefully a considerably reduced cost to the taxpayer.

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