LETTER: Disgusted at windfarm decision

I am absolutely disgusted and devastated that, once again, the Scottish government – sorry, dictatorship – has overturned a local planning decision and given another windfarm company the 
go-ahead in Wigtownshire. When developed, this will mean that there will be 51 large turbines close to Glenluce and New Luce villages.

These will form, together with large developments towards the Ayrshire border, a large swathe of turbines resembling one huge windfarm.

There are, in the pipeline, proposals for more than 200 more large turbines in this area as well as numerous applications for small groups of turbines – some as high as 46 metres.

Over the next few years this area of Wigtownshire will be covered with hundreds of these monstrosities.

This is the legacy of the SNP government. Unless subsidies to windfarm companies are cut substantially, companies such as RES – mostly foreign – are going to continue to rake in cash and ruin our land.

Apparently there is a proposal to cut the subsidies by 10 per cent. This should 
be cut to 25 or 50 per cent. Then we will see how 
keen developers are when 
they just rely on the money from windfarm produced power.

Reporters who are conducting hearings regarding appeals should not be working for and paid by the government. I do not see how they can be impartial.

Anne Lynch,