LETTER: Delighted by supermarket application

After reading the Gazette (November 2), I think your front page will stir up emotions again. Personally, I think it is brilliant that CWP has put in for permission for the supermarket in Newton Stewart.

What I find amusing are the two people quoted: Councillor Graham Nicol and MSP Alex Fergusson (both Tories). It is obvious what Mr Ferguson thinks but the way Councillor Nicol puts it is amusing as the Tories are in a 50 per cent power share with the Lib Dems, as everyone knows. The parties that claim they are looking at putting employment issues first.

Also, it tickled me that on page eight Mr Fergusson has a T-shirt on saying “Make a Difference”. The people of Newton Stewart and surrounding towns and villages must stand up and make sure we do not lose this oppurtunity of getting a decent supermarket with retail outlets being incorperated into it. After all, I thought freedom of choice was the 21st century thing.

I was also brought up believing that if you were in business of any kind it was good to have competition – or have shops in the town centre had it too good for too long?

I cannot understand Mr Fergusson’s comment that the 150 jobs mentioned would only replace jobs lost from the town centre.

Where does he get his information? I would be surprised if there are 150 people employed in the town centre shops.

Jim McCulloch by e-mail.