LETTER: Creating coastal trails

It was with interest and considerable excitement that I recently heard of the tremendous efforts of the Rotarians in developing the coastal route around the Rhins of Galloway.

Similar initiatives such as the Wales Coast Path have been much in the news recently and have underlined just how much such facilities can do to attract visitors and to put a region on the tourism map.

The Rotarians and their various partners are to be congratulated on driving forward such a potentially rewarding project.

Staff at the Southern Uplands Partnership recently secured investment from Scottish Natural Heritage to explore the feasibility of a coastal route all along the north shore of the Solway, from Gretna to Cairnryan, linking to the Cumbria Coastal Way to the south and the Ayrshire Coastal Path to the north.

The study showed that there is considerable interest in such a project and we have developed the idea of a series of interlinked, circular routes, based on coastal communities.

Each would give the community concerned the chance to draw attention to its bit of the region, to tell their “story” and to promote their local businesses. At the same time, the region would be able to offer an end-to-end challenge for anyone seeking that experience.

We are keen to take the project forward and would welcome contact from anyone interested in helping and supporting us, particularly representatives of coastal communities and businesses of all kinds. If any of your readers want information, or to offer thoughts or experience contact our project officer, John Sellers, on 07527 818515.

John Thomson,


Southern Uplands Partnership.