LETTER: Ban importation of meat

What is so appalling about the current DNA sampling results on processed food is not so much that burgers and lasagne peddled by supermarkets contain horse meat but that, if it contains even minuscule ratios of something not indicated on the packaging, then it is conceivable that it can contain absolutely anything, from fallen stock and diseased carcasses through to contaminated offal and rodent droppings.

The EU and our government have imposed a raft of stringent regulations on meat producers, with draconian fines for those contravening those regulations, all enforced by mountains of paperwork and armies of officials.

It appears that these regulations and systems don’t work – and have been flouted, and flouted big time – and in the process have wasted untold amounts of farmers’ and other producers’ investments of money, time and effort.

This is the golden opportunity for Britain to restrict importation of meat products to our country forthwith, to impose unambiguous labelling and to encourage the support of suppliers of our peerless home-grown beef, venison, lamb, pork and poultry, produced and transported within a safe and sensible regulatory structure.

Mary Nicholson,

Claymoddie, Whithorn.