LETTER: Abused by SNP delegates

I was among the turbine protesters gathered outside the SNP conference in Perth.

We were a peaceful, but noisy, group of a few hundred – mainly middle-aged folk and pensioners. These included the late Tom Weir’s widow, aged 92.

We peacefully tried to lobby delegates as they left and entered the hall. A few, including a concerned GP from Arran, were totally polite and a few little debates took place across the steel barriers.

But the others simply ignored us, apart from a substantial minority. These, obviously frustrated by the level of the debate inside the conference hall, decided it was time to move things onto a higher intellectual level.

Such inspired arguments, such as “Why don’t youse **** off!” or, on a lighter note “Just **** off!” truly inspired us to wonder thus what on earth makes these “delegate” badge-wearing louts think they have the ability or intellect (could they even spell it?) to run a country.

Having now seen the debates on TV, I realise we are living in a Marxist state … not the politician, of course but the brothers!

A sad, sad, day for Scotland.

Andrew Shiells,

Newton Stewart.

Reading Dr Aileen McLeod’s comments in reply to Russell Brown (“Job market stuck in the doldrums”, The Galloway Gazette, October 19), I find them astounding.

The SNP has been continuous in stating that the wind turbine schemes create many thousands of jobs in Scotland.

Dumfries and Galloway has one of the highest proliferations of these turbines. Where are all the jobs associated with these schemes? In fact, we are losing jobs and have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

Dr McLeod would be better using her position as a local SNP elected member of the Scottish Parliament to badger First Minister Alex Salmond to ensure these turbine companies employ local labour as a condition of granting them permission to erect their wind turbines.

But all we get from the SNP when questioned about unemployment is the typical response which blames everyone else but itself.

Peter McAllister.