Leswalt egg business awarded producer of the year

The Baxter family receiving the award
The Baxter family receiving the award

A Leswalt couple is among the ‘all round good eggs’ from the British free range industry honoured for their efforts in 2014.

This year’s Free Range Awards were handed out to businesses, individuals and producers who have made a positive impact on the sector in the past 12 months.

James and Margaret Baxter from Glenhead of Aldouran Farm won Producer of the Year in the 1-5 years in business category.

James and Margaret manage 48,000 birds and were praised for their excellent record-keeping, strong welfare focus and continual business investment.

Myles Thomas, chairman of the award’s organisers the British Free Range Egg Producers Association, said: “This is an exceptionally good farm, very well run, and James’s record keeping is second to none. He actively plots lots of welfare issues on the farm in order to continually make improvements.

“James has invested heavily to make the farm more efficient as well as to keep the farm looking well.

“Margaret, before taking on the hens, did a college course to learn as much about looking after poultry as she could. The farm has 64,000 free range birds.

“James is very much hands on installing all the internal equipment himself with the help of the rest of the family.”