Leisure centre could reopen early

DGOne in Dumfries is hoping to reopen by October.
DGOne in Dumfries is hoping to reopen by October.

The multi-million leisure centre in Dumfries, which has been beset with problems following its construction, could see repair works being completed weeks ahead of schedule.

In the latest report, which has been submitted to councillors, the suggestion was that there is a possibility DG One could possibly reopen in October 2019.

However, council leader Elaine Murray dropped a very distinct hint saying it might be possible to reopen during the school summer holidays.

She made it very clear to all present that the work would not be rushed, or corners cut simply to allow the reopening to take place earlier than had been originally expected and planned for.

“That’s one of the lessons to be learned from DG One – that we shouldn’t be desperate to get things open rather than doing the health and safety procedures,” she said.

“In this case we are assured that all health and safety processes have been rigorously adhered to.”

Ms Murray said that if there was a possibility to open earlier than anticipated, the council would be happy to take it.

“We are talking at the moment about an opening date to the public in August,” she said.

“If it were possible to bring that forward a little bit so that for the majority of the summer school holidays next year children could have access to the facilities and visitors have access to those leisure facilities that would be an added bonus.”

DGOne was built by Kier Construction, who had recently come under fire from local MSP Colin Smyth.

He said: “It is morally wrong that a company that built DGOne in Dumfries is continuing to receive hundreds of millions of pounds of public money. Safety was seriously compromised at the DGOne Leisure Centre.”