LED lighting issues zapped

LED street lighting
LED street lighting

Councillors were impressed with the council’s roll out of LED lighting across Wigtownshire and approved of the remedial work taken to resolve issues.

At Wednesday’s Wigtown Area Committee meeting, elected members were told by the council’s infrastructure manager James McLeod that 3,033 out of 4,104 (74 per cent) of the old sodium ‘orange glow’ street lamps had now been replaced.

Initially, the street lighting LED replacement programme targeted specific areas like the Galloway Forest Park which required the LED lighting to minimise light pollution allowing Dark Skies status to be achieved. Secondly the areas furthest from the street lighting depots in Stranraer and Dumfries had their lights replaced as transport cost to replace faulty bulbs was a significant cost factor in introducing LED lights, as they have a lifespan of 20 years, compared with sodium three to five.

Stranraer councillor Willie Scobie thanked officers for addressing concerns in parts of Stranraer about the quality of lighting and dark spots on pavements. A total of 20 locations were inspected and in many remedial work was carried out to fix the dark spots and additional lights were added at the request of community councils.

The council are currently spending £925,000 every year on the LED replacement programme and anticipate the eight year roll-out will be completed in 2019.