Latest Galloway big cat sighting

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The latest sighting of the Galloway big cat came at the weekend as a motorist and his family were driving near Port Logan.

David Mutch, his wife and three children had enjoyed a trip to the Mull of Galloway and decided to pass through Port Logan 
on the way home. He said: “On the way we took the wrong turning and ended 
up going by a farm.We about turned and further along the road there was a derelict cottage to my left and further along the road there was a big black cat the size of a labrador.

“I actually slowed down thinking it was a dog. It disappeared into the bushes at the side. I got out with my phone to capture this big animal, but it must have hid. I stayed there for about five minutes. We’re out and about the countryside regularly so we will definitely be keeping our cameras at the ready.”

This is the second sighting since the summer.