Last words of a local soldier to his best pal

The Toppings 1 and 2
The Toppings 1 and 2

Many local soldiers who were involved in the huge allied attack on Turkish forces at Gallipoli on July 12th, 1915, still had the battle seared on their memory. Six months on, the men of the KOSB were still recalling what happened.

The Galloway Gazette, February 5th, 1916


Mrs McQuaid from Port William received this letter from Private G Dickie regarding her husband, Private William McQuaid, who died from wounds received in action.

“I feel ashamed of myself at not having written you a note before now. I know you have heard the sad news of your husband’s death. Well, I could not have been worse about my own brother. Since our enlistment, William and I clung together like brothers, so you will know it was a blow to me. I don’t know if you heard the details but I will give you all I know. The night before the battle, William was always in the hope of coming through all right, as his last words to me were: “I hope one of us will come through to tell the tale.” On the morning of July 12th as we advance through a very dangerous part, covered with machine guns, a lot of our chaps fell. He was one of the unlucky ones. I had not a chance to see him until the next morning when he sent for me and told me not to fear for him as he was only weak for want of treatment. Owing to so many casualties they cannot attend to all the wounded at once, but I was very much surprised to hear of his death.

“There are only two of us left now.”