Laser light issues in Kirkcudbright

Police Scotland officers in Kirkcudbright are investigating the use of a laser light which was shone into the windows of houses in Dovecroft in Kirkcudbright sometime around 8.30pm on Wednesday, 17 February 17.

A short time later, whilst Police Scotland officers were patrolling in a vehicle in Castledykes Road in the town, a green laser was shone into their vehicle. The light was bright and officers immediately stopped the vehicle. Neither of the two officers was affected by the laser however the light was bright enough to cause a degree of disorientation.

Sergeant Dale Graham at Kirkcudbright said: “The dangers of such a reckless act should not be underestimated. This act could have had very serious consequences and anyone caught using such a laser light in this way will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal.”