Ladderlimb is on the up

Alistair Taylor, Ladderlimb.
Alistair Taylor, Ladderlimb.

THE innovative ‘Ladderlimb’ tool invented by New Luce entrepreneur Alistair Taylor to help painters and decorators is now selling fast across Europe.

Fifty-four-year-old Alistair came up with the idea after he dropped a tin of paint when up a ladder painting the kitchen in his farmhouse at Balneil Farm. After clearing up the mess, Alistair thought long and hard about how to get round the problem of only two hands available to juggle paint cans, brushes etc., while remaining attached to the ladder.

He soon came up with the ‘Ladderlimb’ - a tool that allows you to secure a paint pot or tool to the side of any ladder. Since that moment over two years ago, the business has gone from strength to strength and is now the main family business.

The expansion into Europe has been masterminded by Alistair’s son, David, who left the world of high finance to work for Ladderlimb earlier this year.

‘Ladderlimb’ caused such a stir in this country since it came on the market, David decided to take a sample of the tool to the Netherlands last week and quickly received a substantial order for ‘Ladderlimb’ to be distributed in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Alistair said: “The business just keeps growing and growing. We are off to trade fairs in Coventry and Manchester soon and we are getting rave reviews in magazines like ‘Decorating Deal’.

“We are also in negotiations to be available through a catalogue. We are also into the last three for the DIY Handtool of the Year award out of 100 entries.”