Labour try to supress teacher cuts

Local Councillors Grahame Forster and Willie Scobie were angry at attempts to try and suppress their attempt to stop the cuts in teacher numbers.

Both Councillors had put forward an amendment to the Labour Administration budget not to effect savings of £391k from Labour’s budget by taking this from the created £500k Contingency Fund but the Leader of the Council, Councillor Ronnie Nicholson, initially ruled this “incompetent”.

Councillor Forster said “In the main we could support most of Labour’s budget but we could not see the logic of cutting a crucial support for learning service then reviewing the effect of the cuts.

“We put forward a reasonable compromise and a simple way of overcoming any difficulty with the Children’s Commissioner, possible funding coming from the Scottish Government as well as maintaining the status quo until we were able to examine the effect of the new structure to support for learners.

“The Leader ruled our motion incompetent.”

Councillor Scobie went on to say “This ruling was unfair had it stood and, on the advice we sought from Governance, our amendment was accepted.

“Unfortunately, we got no support from any other Councillor for our amendment with Labour, supported by a rump of Tory Councillors, still wanted to cut teacher numbers.

He concluded “This does not mean we are defeated because we have to fight on with the parent organisations throughout Dumfries & Galloway to make sure that £500k is used to support the kids across the board who need the educational assistance.”