Labour slam recycling move

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Labour politicians have accused Dumfries and Galloway Council of landing taxpayers with a huge bill for the reintroduction of doorstep recycling.

The claim comes just a few years after Tory and SNP councillors voted to scrap the blue box doorstep recycling scheme for newspapers in the region, claiming at the time it was no longer needed.

The criticism comes as the council release details of the phasing-in of new recycling measures from next year.

Labour’s Spokesperson on Planning, Housing and Environment Services, Councillor Colin Smyth said: “The council will have you think that this new recycling scheme was all part of their long term plan and they are doing it because they think it will be an improvement. The reality is they are being dragged kicking and screaming into line with the rest of Scotland because they got their current policy of relying almost entirely on the ecodeco plant wrong.

“What will make people so angry is that Labour warned the council administration years ago when they scrapped the blue box newspaper recycling scheme that there is no way they would get away with that and they would have to increase recycling in the future, not reduce it, yet they ignored these warnings. Now sadly the hard pressed taxpayer is being made to pick up a bill for hundreds of thousands of pounds over the next few years to pay for new bins, lorries, extra staff and a huge publicity campaign for the reintroduction of doortstep recycling, just months after the council were still telling local people we would never need it.”

“Now this is going to happen it is vital that the council explain to householders how it will work. It is also important they make people, particularly the elderly, aware of the fact that if they cannot lift these new containers down to the front of their house, then there will be scheme available whereby they are collected from the place they are stored, for example next to the back door.”