Joint approach to Alcohol Awareness Week

Dumfries and Galloway Council is joining East Ayrshire Council for Alcohol Awareness Week.

The mains themes for 2013 are the older population, foetal alcohol syndrome and teenage pregnancy.

The aim is to provide information to all within Dumfries and Galloway on the implications, dangers and consequences of overindulgence of alcohol.

There are a number of events, to which everyone is invited. There will be a wide variety of information to assist the casual drinker, binge drinker and problematic drinker.

The activities planned across the region include:

Tuesday, October 1, Castle Douglas (11am to 2pm)

Market Hill Car Park, 11am to 2pm. The fire service multi-purpose display vehicle will be set up within the High Street; engagement will take part for members of the public.

Wednesday, October 2, Stranraer (11am to 2pm)

Castle Green, 11am to 2pm. The fire service multi-purpose display vehicle will be set up.

These will have numerous activities such as alcohol work stations, alcohol events such as It’s a Knockout, Run-around, alcohol quiz, Qeen of the South and Kilmarnock football clubs are attending.

Community safety manager Jim Hendrie, who is responsible for the council’s response to antisocial behaviour, said: “Alcohol misuse affects the response of all public sector agencies. The majority of antisocial behaviour issues we get reported have substance misuse at their core and the way people behave while under the influence is embarrassing. Very few of these issues would occur if people drank less and were a little more considerate of their neighbours and communities.

“Alcohol awareness week allows the many agencies whose work is affected by such misuse to highlight the issue and hopefully change people’s attitudes. Alcohol impacts across the spectrum of issues my team deals with, be it littering to noisy parties and rowdy behaviour.

Jim Parker, from the Alcohol and Drugs Partnership, said: “Alcohol misuse costs Dumfries and Galloway over £20 million each year in health and social care costs, criminal behaviour and days lost to work. Events such as Alcohol Awareness Week help to highlight the risks and costs associated with excessive drinking.”

Dr Andrew Carnon, consultant in public health medicine, NHS Dumfries and Galloway, added: “The misuse of alcohol can lead to a whole range of immediate problems such as injuries or illness needing medical attention, unsafe sex and the risk of a sexually transmitted infection or unwanted pregnancy, becoming involved in violence or a road accident, and social consequences such as the impact on family and friends.”