Jet ski from Northern Ireland stuck in Rhinns

The good weather over the weekend saw the inevitable call for assistance in the waterways around Galloway.

With the coastline littered with sailing boats, speedboats, wind surfers and swimmers, it was a jet ski which required help from the Stranraer RNLI Lifeboat team who were called by Belfast Coastgaurd to assist three casualties on theirs on the rocks at Corswall point.

The jet ski was going from Ballycastle, Norther Ireland to Campbeltown then back to Ballycastle but on the return leg the jet ski broke down and drifted to Corsewall Point. The RNLI Stranraer Lifeboat launched at 5.20pm from Lady Bay and arrived on scene at 5.40pm. on arrival two of the men were cold and one had an ankle injury. The men were safely transferred onto the Lifeboat and were taken to Dally Bay to the RNLI landrover where they were taken by land to the Galloway Community Hospital A&E. The jet ski was then towed to Wigbay slip where it and the Lifeboat was then recovered at 8.15pm.