Is Jet Scotland’s unluckiest black cat?


The Scottish SPCA is seeking a loving home for a black cat who has had no luck in finding himself an owner and remains homeless after a year in the charity’s care in Dunragit.

Jet, a pure black four year old male cat, has been waiting patiently for someone to come forward and give him his chance at happiness, but sadly the unwanted moggy’s hopes have been dashed time and time again and he

is now the Scottish SPCA’s longest feline resident.

Jet is being cared for at Dunragit Kennels.

Manager Peter Baker told of his sad tale: “Poor Jet came into our care when his previous owner became unable to look after him and despite being a very handsome and friendly chap he’s still homeless one year on.

“It’s particularly sad given that lots of other rescued cats have come and gone within this time, some only staying with us a week before finding loving new owners.

“The odds of Jet finding a home seem to be stacked against him as he is a rather reserved little chap who doesn’t come bounding up to visitors meowing ‘pick me, pick me’. However, this laid-back lad could be exactly the type of cat someone is looking for.

“He’s a quiet little soul who loves a gentle rub behind the ears and we think he would be perfect for a person or couple looking for a companion. We really hope Jet’s luck changes soon as he’s been waiting 12 long months for a home and when he gets one we’re sure he’ll feel like he’s won the lottery.”

Anyone interested in offering Jet the loving home he deserves can call the Scottish SPCA Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999 and ask to be connected to the Dunragit Centre in Stranraer.