‘Inner-city’ car park scheme withdraws £85 charge

A loyal customer of Morrisons supermarket in Stranraer has avoided paying a charge for parking in its car park after fighting the system.

The Whithorn man, who does a six-weekly shop to save on fuel costs, parked in the car park for five hours and used Morrisons three or four times throughout the day as well as using various other shops within the town centre.

But aweek or so later, he received a letter from a company called Parking Eye, who have a contract with Morrisons nationwide, demanding payment of £50 in parking charges, rising to £85 if he didn’t pay immediately.

But afterspeaking to the store manager, who he said was flippant, inflexible and disinterested, he contacted Parking Eye who told him to send his receipts to prove he was a loyal customer.

He said: “We had to rummage in the bins as it was some time later, but we found what we could and sent it all off to them. We didn’t hear anything for a week or so which is when I decided I’d have to push it a bit.

“So I called them again and they tried to put me off before admitting they had received the paperwork.”

A while later, he received a letter from the company, based in Chorley, stating simply that the parking charges had been dropped.

He said: “From the start, I was told that the two-hour limit in the car park had recently been put up to three hours and I should be grateful for that. No one took on board that I shopped there several times in one day, or have been shopping there for a long time.

“I certainly won’t be shopping there again. It’s transplanting an inner-city money making scheme to an area with a completely different ethos. It just doesn’t sit right in rural Galloway.”