Injured soldier removed from hillside

The Mountain Rescue Team as night drew in.
The Mountain Rescue Team as night drew in.

An injured soldier was rescued from a remote and rugged hillside on Saturday during a training exercise in the Galloway Hills.

The man, who sustained a leg injury just before 2pm during training on the eastern slopes of Shalloch of Minnoch above Tunskeen bothy, required 17 members of the Galloway Mountain Rescue team to remove him given his difficult location.

Ken Mackenzie, deputy team leader who coordinated the search, said: “Seventeen team members responded to the incident from both Newton Stewart and Castle

Douglas. Although the injured soldier was accompanied by colleagues involved in the exercise, they didn’t have suitable stretchers and other equipment to evacuate him from such a rough boggy hillside. Fortunately, we were able to get quite close to the site with our vehicles and thereafter the recovery of the casualty to an awaiting military ambulance turned out to be a relatively straight forward rescue.”