Independence debate snub for viewers in south

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Two south of Scotland SNP MSPs have slammed ITV Border after learning that STV’s first televised debate on Scotland’s independence referendum will not be broadcast to viewers inGalloway.

Both Dr Aileen McLeod and Joan McAlpine have argued over recent months for changes to broadcasting in the Border TV area to allow for more coverage of Scottish news and current affairs.

But now they say viewers in the south are beings nubbed.

Dr McLeod said: “This is yet another example of the problems we have been highlighting in recent months and another example of ITV Border’s current programming arrangements failing the South of Scotland.

“The rest of Scotland is going to have a chance to see Nicola Sturgeon and Michael Moore debate the case for and aga inst independence, but the most that viewers in the Scottish part of the ITV Border are will get is a mention on the news that the debate is happening and advice to watch online.”

Joan McAlpine added: “The decision on Scottish independence is so fundamentally important to the future of our country that it is completely unacceptable viewers in the south are being left out of the debate simply because of where they live.”