Illness means dad to miss wedding

Brian with a photo of his two daughters, Sarah and Susan, who have promised him a running commentary. (BH)
Brian with a photo of his two daughters, Sarah and Susan, who have promised him a running commentary. (BH)

A FORMER Kirkcowan man has been left bitterly disappointed after having to abandon plans to give away his daughter at her wedding tomorrow (Friday) because of his health - and the weather.

For the wedding of Sarah Anne Low is taking place 3,000 miles away on the outskirts of Washington DC and dad Brian Low, who suffers from emphysema, says: “The humidity there at this time of year could leave me collapsing at the ceremony.

“What woman wants her dad at the wedding and he collapses? I just don’t want to spoil her big day.”

Brian, a 66-year-old widower, formerly of High Street, Kirkcowan, but now living in Dumfries, had been in the United States for more than 30 years before returning to Scotland following the death two years ago of his wife, Sher, who had also lived in Kirkcowan before the couple emigrated.

During his time in the States Brian worked as a civilian with the US military.

Daughter Sarah was born in Iowa and gained a degree which resulted in her working at the US Department of Agriculture in Washington where she met her husband-to-be and colleague Dr Mark White.

With her father being unable to attend she will be given away at the ceremony in Arlington, Virginia, by her brother John who is with the US Coastguard department.

Brian added: “It’s a big family occasion but I’m just too decrepit to go over.

“I explained to Sarah that it wouldn’t be smart to go over and she said ‘that’s OK dad, that’s OK’.

“She knows the problem and is very considerate.

“I’ll get lots of pictures and feedback – there’s no question about that – which is no compensation, but a lot better than nothing and much better better than collapsing or falling down at the wedding.”

Brian will also get a first hand account from another daughter, 45-year-old Susan, who has travelled for the ceremony from her home at Ulster Place at Troqueer in Dumfries.

He added: “I’m sure I’ll get a running commentary on the whole thing.”