Hume calls for dementia progress

Scottish Liberal Democrat South Scotland MSP and health spokesperson Jim Hume has urged the Scottish Government to keep the spotlight on dementia care after figures published this week revealed dementia affects 90 percent of care home residents.

Despite this, only one in nine care homes for the elderly is estimated to have a dementia care specialist on site.

Mr Hume raised the issue with the Health Secretary during Topical Questions on Tuesday.

Speaking after topical questions, Mr Hume said: “With the number of dementia sufferers in Scotland estimated to double by 2031 the Scottish Government must keep the spotlight on dementia care. Sadly I’m sure it comes as little shock to the families of dementia sufferers to learn that only one in nine care homes for the elderly have the specialist care needed on site.

“The Scottish Government is behind on its plans to tackle dementia. We need to see immediate action to address this gap in care if we are to ensure patients have the dignified care experience they deserve. The National Task Force is already half a year late in delivering its report. Dementia sufferers cannot afford any more delay.

“Dementia steals lives, causes heartbreak and challenges families to the extreme. The G8 dementia summit, led by the UK government last December, showed the extent of the dementia timebomb faced across the world. For dementia sufferers time is of the essence and the Scottish Government must move quickly to improve prevention and care for dementia.”