How did the ‘murder hole’ get its name?

Do any Galloway Gazette readers have any information about the ‘Murder Hole’ - a small loch near Loch Neldricken in the hills behing Glen Trool.

Monday, 24th February 2014, 1:47 pm
The Murder Hole

Postcard collector Mickey Copeland from Creebridge brought a couple of his collection into the Gazette offices to see if readers can help him get some more information about the ‘Murder Hole’ and tell him how it got its unusual name.

Information on the internet states that an inlet at the west side of Loch Neldricken is marked on maps as ‘Murder Hole’ and features in SR Crokett’s ‘The Raiders’. However, the original ‘Murder Hole’ was a well on the Glen Trool to Straiton road where the bodies of travellers who had been robbed and murdered were dumped and Crockett moved the location for his book.

Is this how it got its name or does anyone know a different version?