Housebreakings arrest

Police Scotland have arrested a man in connection with a spate of housebreakings in the region.

A police spokesman said: “Following extensive investigations by into a number of break-ins which occurred across the region over the weekend of 28/29 of November, a 30-year old Lithuanian male who resides in Wolverhampton has been arrested for his involvement in these crimes and will be appearing at Dumfries Sheriff Court on Monday 21 December.

“He has been charged with a total of eight crimes which relate to break-ins to properties in Kirkcudbright, Castle Douglas, Thornhill, Dumfries and Ruthwell.”

In response to this arrest, Detective Inspector Dean Little of the Proactive CID said “I would like to personally thank the public for the information they have provided throughout the course of this investigation which has assisted my inquiry team in bringing this matter to a swift conclusion.

This arrest will hopefully serve to reinforce the message that there is no hiding place for those who commit crime in Dumfries and Galloway, irrespective of the distances they choose to travel.”

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