Hopes for rehoming of 1000th greyhound

It is projected that in late October/early November of this year, Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue will re-home it’s 1000th greyhound and to celebrate this milestone, the charity has launched its “1000 FOR A 1000” campaign in which it is hoped to raise £1000 by the time the 1000th greyhound finds a home.

The campaign hopes to raise this money through personal and unique initiatives (not through it’s normal means of raising cash) and would include things like children selling home baking to their friends, parents inviting neighbours in for a coffee and taking a donation, whip rounds at pubs and offices or any other way that raises the profile of the charity and some cash at the same time. Already, one supporter has volunteered to take part in the Great Edinburgh Run for sponsorship and the six-year old grandson of a member has donated £2 from pocket money.

Graham Hill, a founder member said: “Greyhounds are a delightful breed of dog and our committee, along with many others, are dedicated to finding ‘forever homes’ for them once they have finished racing. The fact that we will soon re-home 1000 is testament to the hard work of all our volunteers.”

The charity does not have a central base as such, but relies on a network of foster carers to look after the greyhounds until permanent homes can be found. If, as happens from time to time, the number of dogs exceeds the number of places in foster homes, emergency kennels are used to fill the gap.

For further information on the charity or how you can support their work (you don’t need to take a greyhound) please visit www.dgrescue.org.uk or telephone Graham on 01387 760577